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History of Glasser & Kleppin

The firm took root in the late 1970s. Years ago, the partners made a concerted effort to devote their energy specifically in the areas of employment law and claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The focus of the firm then changed. After initially concentrating its representation on behalf of plaintiffs in employment discrimination, the firm has since evolved into primarily defending private and governmental employers sued for alleged overtime and minimum wage violations, all forms of discrimination and civil rights, and allegations relating to Title III accommodation issues based on disability.

Having represented plaintiffs, the firm has a unique insight into how to defend employment claims and has used it to great advantage in representing employers.

We do not litigate cases with a view that settlement must be reached at all costs, because sometimes a settlement is just too costly to the client, for a variety of reasons.

For those clients who do not wish to settle their case for good reason and are motivated to litigate to the end, our firm history strongly supports the fact that we are more than willing and able to litigate a case through appeal. We have obtained many successful rulings on dispositive motions (e.g., motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment), and when we have not been able to get the case dismissed pre-trial, we have a record of success in prevailing for our clients at trial. We are well experienced in handling all appeals in such cases, both in state court-to the various district courts of appeal and the Florida Supreme Court and in federal court-to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States. We also are not reluctant to seek through the court system reimbursement of our client' fees from lawyers who have filed a frivolous case, and we have on some occasions successfully argued for the reimbursement of fees (or partial fees).

We work with our clients to provide detailed legal counsel at all stages of the litigation, with the understanding that at all phases of the litigation, the client needs to be informed in order to make appropriate business decisions with respect to the litigation.

Two of our attorneys have a long history of mediation experience, both as attorneys participating in mediation and as mediators, and are skilled in counseling clients through this phase of the litigation.

One of our attorneys has thirty (30) years of experience in the area of arbitration, and at this time is spending almost all of his time defending clients at arbitration, particularly defending management from grievances filed by employees challenging discipline or challenges to interpretations of collective bargaining agreements.

Two of our attorneys worked years in representing businesses in many phases of business law, and while not actually practicing in these areas today, they have a unique understanding of how the litigation impacts the business and its staff.

In short, our firm has a long history litigating employment law cases and representing business and government in these areas. We understand the costs to a business when it is sued and the negative impact such a suit can have on a business. We work with the client to explore all issues resulting from the litigation and to consider all the ramifications of settling versus litigating a case to the end.

Historically, we have always been very attentive to our clients' concerns and needs in defending a case, and we work our cases in a team-oriented manner, so the clients benefit from the varied experiences we have from prior litigation.