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About Glasser & Kleppin

In South Florida, we are inundated with an outrageous and disturbing number of overtime, discrimination, and Title III premises liabilities lawsuits every year, of which a significant percentage have no merit, and are being filed in an attempt to force businesses to settle to avoid the cost of litigation. At Glasser & Kleppin, formerly known as Glasser, Kleppin & Zinchiak, we vigorously defend these types of cases.

Glasser & Kleppin offers employers and businesses an alternative to large law firms. We have a highly experienced and successful team of attorneys dedicated to defending small and large companies who are being sued by a current or former employee or by an individual claiming to be disabled from patronizing your business. We focus on employment law cases relating to overtime, discrimination, retaliation, harassment, wrongful discharge and premises liability law (particularly Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act).

Unique among our peers, we offer a team approach in litigating these matters. Your case is too important to have only one attorney's input in successfully defending your case. Rather, you will benefit from the skills and knowledge of our experienced litigation team, all of whom will have your best interests at heart.

Client service is the principal goal of our firm. Over the long term, Glasser & Kleppin has offered a quality of service which has contributed to its growth and success. We believe the way we have applied our values in firm management have been an important factor in satisfying our clients' needs. Simply put, as important as it is to know the law, we also get to know you. We are AV-rated by Martindale-Hubbell, which is the highest peer review rating, and demonstrates the commitment to excellence and ethics that our firm concentrates on.  The firm is now entertaining select discrimination claims from employees. 

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*Our commitment to exceeding client expectations with high quality solutions remains the "hallmark" of our combined legal practice.